About Me

I am a Canadian (born and raised) living in Ottawa. 

Violinist by profession, formerly an orchestral musician.

Adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa and on faculty at Ottawa Suzuki Strings

Co-artistic director of the Equinox Chamber Music festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I use my cameras too infrequently.

My main cameras are an Olympus E-M1, Nikon D700, and Samsung Galaxy S7.

I prefer prime lenses but sometimes need a zoom. I am not good at seeing wide-angle viewpoints.

Natural light is preferred (mostly because I'm still learning to use my flash). Backlighting is my weakness.

I will read almost anything.

I like to knit while bingeing TV shows.

I like to eat but am not a foodie.

Most of my travel is because of my music-related work. I have discovered the underseater carry-on rolling suitcase, which means I can now bring my violin AND my cameras on planes. This is significant for my life.

photo credit: Franz Siegert

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